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On Drama

With David Kaye, PhD

Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance

University of New Hampshire

On Education

With Robert Irons, PhD

Associate Professor of Classics

Hampden-Sydney College

On friendship

With David Gibson


On Government

With Roger Barrus, PhD

Professor of Government & Foreign Affairs

Hampden-Sydney College

On knowledge

With Alex Werth, PhD

Trinkle Professor of Biology​

Hampden-Sydney College

On literature

With Carlos A. Alvarenga


Hampden-Sydney College '90

On Parenthood

With Gene Donovan, MD


On Prejudice

With Sekou Kaalund

Business Executive

Hampden-Sydney College '97

On Religion

With Ashby Neterer



Hampden-Sydney College '17

On War

With Kieran Kobell

Business Executive

Officer, USMC (2009-2011)

Hampden-Sydney College '17

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In 1990's, Jim wrote more than thirty dialogues on philosophical subjects. With the help of David Kaye (who plays the main character) and a small cast of actors, six were recorded.


This is their public debut.

01 Intro & SamuelOn Courage
00:00 / 29:38
02 GideonOn the Meaning of Life
00:00 / 26:33
03 BessOn Reasoning
00:00 / 28:22
04 JaneOn Hierarchy
00:00 / 29:26
05 RobOn Suffering
00:00 / 30:24
06 EleonoreOn God
00:00 / 35:10
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